Our company (ATRM Systems for Automatic Timing and Race Management Systems) is mainly dedicated to the study and implementation of automatic timing and management systems in the field of equestrian sports and more particularly endurance.

We have been pioneering in equestrian endurance with an automatic timing system with instantaneous diffusion of results for almost 20 years now.

ATRM 5 represented a major evolution for major sporting events. A new architecture, faster processing, an automatic call and control system for competitors' movements in the vet gate, dematerialized management of veterinary inspections with paper backup, integrated heart rate monitors and many other internal innovations are all contributions to the discipline.

This system was the one used during the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy (FRA).

Continuing our drive for excellence in the service of the sports we handle, we have implemented the semi-automatic management and timing software NGC 5128 followed by NGC 2016 for all types of equestrian endurance races with a virtually unlimited number of competitors for limited speed events and few starters for free speed events. This system exists in an economical assisted version and in a very economical standalone version (managed by the organizers themselves).

We have developed a heart rate monitoring system integrated with our automatic timing system, which can also be used independently.

We work with the most famous names such as Tag Heuer, Polar, etc.

The quality of performance of our company is now recognized and appreciated in France, Spain, Portugal, UAE, Belgium, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Brazil, Oman, Slovakia, Tunisia, etc.