Launching ATRM7 in Monpazier 2022
We chose Monpazier with 3 consecutive days of competition and nearly 300 horses to launch our brand new timing software suite ATRM7.

Everything is new, from the management process, the automated entries and results in xml, the calculation engine with status, the veterinary tablets, the restart screen and many other new features for an easier management and an even better control.

ATRM7 replaces the various timing systems that we had until now, creating a single package covering all the needs of competitions from the most sophisticated to the most modest according to adapted modules.

The structure of the package makes it possible to follow more quickly the more or less constant evolutions of the various regulations.

ATRM5, NGC5128 and NGC2016 will disappear from our offer and will be replaced by ATRM7 with the various levels of sophistication required.