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Introduction to the ATRM5 automatic system
Since January 2021: Detection system based on new technology.

A complete range of endurance timing and management systems


2 basic solutions with multiple options, from the largest events to the smallest competitions.


   The ATRM 5 automatic system

   The semi-automatic NGC system




Why ?

Heir to our first timing and automatic management systems, ATRM 5 has an architecture offering many options.



How ?

The interventions of our company with this system of management and automatic timing are always made in the form of services with displacement of the team and the necessary equipment.


All the events are managed by the system and the broadcasting of the results is ensured both on site and on the Internet (subject to the presence or availability of the network). We can take care of sending the results in the formats required by the FEI (International Equestrian Federation) and the FFE (French Equestrian Federation). For the other national federations, the competition results are provided in pdf and Excel format..


Field of use

Suitable system especially for large international events and major competitions.


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