A complete range of endurance timing and management systems


2 basic solutions with multiple options, from the largest events to the smallest competitions.


   The ATRM 5 automatic system

   The semi-automatic NGC system



Why ?

As the vast majority of "small events" organisers have small budgets, we have created NGC, which has many of the features of the automatic system (informative labels, results that can be edited on a local printer, automatic countdown table for each rider, virtually unlimited number of simultaneous races, etc.). This system is adapted to all types of configuration and accepts links via network cable, WiFi or PLC (Power Line Communication)

Unlike ATRM5, this system is semi-automatic (without transponders).


How ?

This system includes:

  • Instantaneous recording of times with delayed chronological entry of numbers to manage grouped arrivals with precision.
  • Management by a reduced ATRM team or by the Organising Committee. The results can be put online (subject to network) in pdf on our website.


Field of use

This system is designed for events with mainly limited speed events. It is cost effective and allows Organising Committees to significantly improve their level of services when they have few starters and a limited budget..


For further information and if you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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