15 years ago, we were pioneers with the implementation of a 3D GPS tracking system for riders during the 2008 World Endurance Championship in Terengganu (Malaysia) in co-design with the EUVE Foundation (ESP).
The last performance with this system was at the FEI Alltec World Equestrian Games in Normandy in 2014. After this event, the foundation disappeared and the development of the 3D GPS tracking system was stopped.
During 2017, we had started a promising co-development partnership with T4Race (FRA). But following the bankruptcy of T4Race at the end of 2018, the adventure came to an end.

We can now provide several tracking systems ranging from the simplest (control by points on the course) to the most sophisticated (with full control, safety, automatic alerts in case of prolonged stop, straying from the track, fall, etc.).
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